How does Eco Power Solutions technology work?

Eco Power Solutions (EPS) provides an advanced suite of emissions control technology that includes a Multi–Pollutant Air Quality Control System (MP–AQCS Reactor Module™) and a CO2 capture and conversion system.

EPS' all-in-one Multi–Pollutant Air Quality Control System (MP–AQCS Reactor Module™) captures both regulated and unregulated air pollutants including CO2 from emissions sources like fossil fuel fired power plants and industrial facilities that contribute to acid rain, respiratory diseases and climate change.

The MP–AQCS Reactor Module™ offers a proven, lower–cost and scalable solution that can be implemented to address current Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) regulations to provide a glide-path to compliance for our clients. The MP–AQCS Reactor Module™ removes criteria pollutants such as NOx, SOx, heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, selenium and others) and acid gases by 95–99 percent and captures 30% of CO2 and up to 90% with the additional CO2 Capture Module installed. The captured CO2 has a purity of over 90% which can be sold for CO2 based applications such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), a proven permanent carbon sequestration and revenue earning opportunity which requires large quantities of anthropogenic CO2 to reach its potential, or can also be converted to Ethanol through EPS' patented process.

The MP–AQCS Reactor Module™ is ideal for retrofits or new construction for use in firing all fossil fuel, biomass and waste-to-energy sources.

EPS' CO2 Capture Module can be installed independently of the multi–pollutant emission control processes for coal, natural gas and other fossil fuel based plants with existing AQCS equipment already installed. It is a patented process capable of capturing up to 90% of CO2 emissions from coal, natural gas and other fossil fuel based plants. With lower capital and operating costs and the opportunity to earn significant revenue streams from captured CO2 or CO2 converted to Ethanol, the CO2 Capture Module provides the market with an efficient and effective CO2 mitigation solution.

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"NOx and SOx as Pieces of an Overall Emissions Control Puzzle"
Power Engineering Magazine (August 2013).
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EUEC (Energy Utility and Environment Conference)

February 3-5, 2014
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